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KeyLoop Cover

Sale price$31

Color:Black Leather

Wrap your keys in a leather KeyLoop 

*This is just the cover and does not include KeyMods* When you purchase KeyMods separately, carry up to 6 keys in your KeyLoop Cover (check out the KeyLoop Kit for a KeyLoop + KeyMod combo), plus your car fob on the included FobRing. Easily add or remove keys – no tools required.

Grab some KeyMods to go from janitor to jingle-free in 5.2 seconds. The MagLock™ nesting magnets connect with a secure snap, fan out to display your inventory, then fold back smoothly into your KeyLoop.

slight angle view of distil black leather keyloop cover with fobring attached on top
KeyLoop Cover Sale price$31

Unlock your keys' potential with the power of magnets

KeyLoop sticks securely to any magnetic surface: Plunk it on the fridge while you make a sandwich, on the mailbox while you sort through bills—or on the Ferris ModStation, designed to be the perfect home for all things Ferris.

No more key chaos

Our full-grain leather gets better with age and protects your phone from key scratches.

Accessible without tools

Add or remove any key in an instant, and slide off the FobRing to easily share your car fob, tracker, paracord keychain or other sentimental boondoggle.

Magnets on the quick-draw

keep your keys close at hand by letting the KeyLoop do what it do—namely loop over the edge of your bag or pocket.

Maximum Capacity

The KeyLoop can comfortably carry up to 6 KeyMods plus large items like your car key on the included FobRing.