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Article: Design That Inspires | Yield Design Co.

Design That Inspires | Yield Design Co.

Based in St. Augustine, FL, Yield Design Co. is designing some of the industry's most timeless and beautiful products. They don't achieve this by arbitrary methods, but by following an inspiring set of principles from their manifesto

Bridging Past and Present.
Since fashions are cyclical, they look for core elements to boil their designs down to the essence of what's important, resulting in new yet timeless designs. One example – to achieve the modern lines of their French Press, production took them all the way to a family-owned ceramic factory in Vietnam.

Today's Technology. Timeless Craft.
 While they leverage the latest tools available, like 3D-printing, this is not what drives nor limits their designs. They give thoughtful consideration to what manufacturing capabilities lie within their reach, often yielding striking pieces that are made locally – or even in-house, like their Tokyo Tote

There is No Need For Compromise.
As product designers and manufacturers, they feel a responsibility to balance beauty, sustainability, and ethical production principles, creating goods that are inherently well designed and built to last. You will never find Yield creating a throw-away product. Their products will stay out of landfills and last you a lifetime. At the heart of it, this echoes one of Dieter Rams' 10 Principles of Good Design – that good design is long-lasting.

We were drawn to Yield for their mission that produces strikingly simple and timeless designs. We're proud to stock a selection of Yield Design goods at Objective Design Shop here in Charleston.  



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