Ferris Full Bundle

Color Scheme: Black

Pick your color scheme, and we'll take care of the rest.


KeyLoop + FobRing
KeyFolio + FobRing
4 KeyMod Clicks (in Gray)
4 KeyMod Sticks (see colorways below)
KeyMod USB (16GB)
KeyMod MultiTool
ModWallet Cover
CardSleeve Set
ModStation (White)

Black and Navy bundles include Blue KeyMod Sticks.
Brown and Red bundles include Red KeyMod Sticks.

1 x KeyLoop
1 x KeyFolio
8 x KeyMod Sticks
2 x FobRings
1 x ModWallet (front and back covers)
1 x MoneyClip
1 x CardSleeves
1 x KeyMod USB (16GB)
1 x KeyMod MultiTool
1 x ModStation
1-Year Warranty

Kit Capacity
8 Keys + car keys
10 cards
30 or more bills
* Add on additional mods to carry more

Optimized for US bills (and those up to 2.6” or 67mm)

Neodymium magnets, bent steel and felt-lined shelf, stainless steel money clip, soft-touch TPU sleeves, and full-grain leather or ballistic nylon. Magnets will not affect the stripe on your cards.

Innovative MagLock™ holds everything safely in place — watch the shake test!

  • We've bundled the best into this complete set at a discount!
  • Easily add, remove and rearrange modules — no tools required
  • When not in use, stash mods on a magnetic surface so you don't lose 'em

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One exception: Ferris FaceMask sales are final (no returns or refunds unless there is a product defect covered by our 1-Year Warranty). 

All Distil Union products are backed by our Manufacturer's 1-Year Warranty.

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Head out with everything you need

Keep your daily essentials on the Ferris ModStation so you’re less likely to lose your wallet or misplace your keys. The slim shelf also holds your phone and charging cable, because it’s 2020.