3 Ways to Simplify Your Essentials This Summer

This time of year, it's delightfully clear just how spoiled we are in Charleston, SC. With quick access to outdoor activities and various bodies of water, there's a seemingly endless list of ways to have fun in the sun – swimming, surfing, sailing, fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, even paramotoring. And we've simplified our out-the-door essentials to make absolutely certain that we're ready to answer when adventure calls.  A smiling woman wearing MagLock Sunglasses sits in a VW van with a guy smiling at her

1. Modular Keys

Traveling light is a way of life here at Distil – and getting down to the bare necessities is key in these hot summer months. Did someone say key? Heck yes we did, because with Ferris you can slim down your chunky keychain to the minimum: car key + house key.Collage of photos including a magnetic KeyLoop and MagLock Sunglasses stuck to the outside of a yellow VW bus, a multitool opening a beer bottle, and KeyLoop and MagLock Sunglasses hanging on a ModStation with a hat

The KeyMod Mini Bundle gets it done for the minimalists, while the KeyLoop Kit is perfect for those who carry more and want to organize the key chaos with magnetic modularity. Both options come with a FobRing for your larger car key and/or sentimental boondoggles (no judgement), and you can opt to add a MultiTool with bottle opener (did we mention it's summer?). 

Here's where Ferris' magnets come in handy: When you head out the door, select only your essentials, leaving the rest of your keys at home on your fridge or ModStation. When you arrive, lock up then hide your single key under the wheel well and out of sight. 

2. Polarized Sunglasses

While the blazing summer sun has you reaching for sunscreen, your eyes require the same sun-sensitive care. Ideally you're protecting your eyes against UV light year round, but with so much more time spent outdoors in the spring and summertime months, sunglasses are essentialCollage of photos including a smiling man on a boat wearing MagLock sunglasses, a pair of sunglasses magnetized to an anchor, and a man tying up a boat to the dock

The lightweight lenses we use for our MagLock Sunglasses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection (of course, that's a given). But we go the extra mile with polarized lenses which block the harsh glare that's bouncing upwards – protecting your eyes and easing eye strain. The added protection comes in handy whether you're fishing on the open seas, binging a beach-read, or even road-tripping across the country – all of which introduce an added dimension of glare as the sun's rays reflect off of surfaces, like water and asphalt.  

With our trademarked magnets hidden in the arms of MagLock Sunglasses, you can instantly clip or mount them to anything magnetic – skip the Croakies and instead clip your sunnies securely to your shirt. Or use the magnet trick to guard against scratches by clipping them to the inside of your tote (instead of swimming around in the sand at the bottom of your beach bag).

Two photos of flexible Gnarlon MagLock Sunglasses being twisted As part of our commitment to sustainability, we've sourced a remarkable shape-memory material made from sustainable castor plants: Gnarlon™ is a high-performance elastomer with a matte soft-touch finish — a comfy alternative to typical plastic frames that hurt your head, sit wonky on your face, slide off your nose, and end up in a landfill.

And instead of the typical paper or plastic boxes, all of our sunnies come packaged in a reusable hard-body carrying case that conveniently folds flat. Plus, the soft-sleeve they're wrapped in doubles as a lens-cleaning cloth, because we know it's tempting to use the corner of your shirt – but that is a one-way ticket to Scratch City for your lenses.

3. Must-Have Cards

Collage of Photos including a leather Wally card-holder for iPhone with MagSafe, a happy woman sitting on the beach and with MagLock magnetic sunglasses clipped to her bagAnd last but not least, we've simplified our wallets down to 4 cards (or fewer), and carry them in a Wally Junior that's MagSafe compatible. IDK about you, but my iPhone is always in my pocket; using Wally means I can leave my wallet at home. It's one less thing to keep track of when packing an impromptu cooler and heading out for some spontaneous rays. This summer, don't forget to simplify! And sunscreen, don't forget sunscreen. A pair of MagLock sunglasses attached to a magnetic chair beside a pool

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